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Nivara Virgin Coconut Oil

Nivara embodies all the goodness of coconut milk which from time immemorial was used by our wise grandmothers as a remedy for a variety of skin and hair problems and also as a nutritional supplement. Due to the unique extraction method called "Total Cold Process", Nivara contains the maximum quality of Lauric acid and Vitamin E, two known miraculous ingredient found in coconut milk which is the basis of its nutritional and therapeutical properties.

Quick Overview

As Skin Care: Nivara's natural herbal medicinal and nutritional properties penetrate deeply into your skin, cleanse it, nourish it and generally make it smooth and glowing. Its anti-microbial properties help to reduce skin problems such as acne (pimples), black warts and discoloration. Nivara helps removal of post pregnancy stretch marks in mere weeks. It's ideal for all ages and all types of skins. Use Nivara and add radiance to your complexion. As Hair Care: Nivara's rich creamy base penetrates the scalp to reach hair roots, lustre moisturising and nourishing it to speed up hair growth and adding colour and lustre to every strand of hair. Herbal extracts containing in Nivara helps to cool your eyes and head, bringing sound sleep and clear vision. It prevents dandruff, stops excessive hair falling and controls premature greying. As Baby Care: Nivara is a hundred percent natural preparation totally devoid of any type of chemical as it's not bleached or chemically filtered. Based on pure coconut virgin oil, extracted through a unique cold process to retain all its goodness, Nivara is rich in Lauric acid and vitamin E, essential nutrients for the tender skin of your loved ones. Nivara contains all the benefits of coconut milk and is easy to use. Massage your loving babies with Nivara and watch their skin glow and shine.

Nourishes Hair & Scalp
Controls Marks & Scars
Moisturises Skin & Tissues
Controls Hair loss & dandruff
Ideal for Baby Massage

Use 20min before bath. For Skin & Baby: Apply all over the body/face. For Hair: Apply on the scalp and light massage for a while.

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